Everything you need to know about renewing your policy at Coterie

We're dedicated to offering a simple and transparent renewal process, and best yet - it's entirely automatic! The policy renewal date is based on the policy effective date and the length of the policy period. 

Here's how our automatic process works: 

  1. Around 120 days in advance of the renewal date, we will review the policy for renewal. If any additional information is required, our underwriting team will reach out to the producing agent. 
  2. Around 90 days in advance of the renewal date, we email and mail our renewal information to the insured. If we are unable to provide a renewal offer, we will provide notice of non renewal at this time. 
    • A copy of this renewal or non renewal information will always go to the producing agent. 
  3. Renewal issuance is processed on the effective date of the policy, using the same payment and billing plan as prior term. Insured will receive an email with renewal COI and the agent will have access on their Dashboard under Policies. 
    • If renewal payment fails, we offer a 14 day window to update payment. An email is sent to both the insured and the agent of record. If no payment is made, we will be unable to renew. The agent or insured will need to contact renewals for approval to rewrite. 
  4. Any updated information needs to be submitted 15 days before the policy expiration date. This helps ensure that our policies are issued the first time accurately. 

Any questions or concerns on renewals can be sent to

Helpful FAQ's 

When is the renewal policy automatically issued?

On the Effective date of the policy.

When is payment processed for renewal?

The renewal payment is automatically processed on the effective date of the renewal, using the same payment information and payment plan as the first term. 

Can we amend the payment plan at renewal?

At this time, no. The only way to amend a payment plan is to cancel/rewrite. 

Are we able to issue the renewal prior to the effective date?

At this time, no, however, if the insured needs a certificate for their license or contract, we may approve on a case by case basis. Please email for approval. 

Will the policy number change when the renewal is processed?

Yes, but only the last 2 digits on the policy number will change. If you search for a policy with only the -00, only the first term will show, you will have to search for the -01 term to find the first renewal. 


First term: CBB-00000000-00

Renewal Year 1: CBB-00000000-01

Renewal Year 2: CBB-00000000-02

Can we add limits to the new renewal policy?

At this time, the renewal communication is only going to show the new renewal premium. We do not amend any limits without reviewing/advising agent/insured first. For limits review, we recommend the you review the current policy dec page. 

Can we amend the class code at renewal?

No, that change will always require a cancel/rewrite. 

When is it determined that a policy is ineligible for renewal? 

Around 120 days in advance of the policy renewal, Coterie Underwriting reviews for eligibility. They will reach out to the agent for any additional information needed at that time. Around 90 days the non renewal notice is sent to both the agent and the insured. 

Are agents allowed to dispute the non renewal?

Yes, please email to discuss directly with our team. 

If the policy cancelled prior to the renewal effective date, will the renewal still process?

No, only active policies will automatically renew. 

Is a certificate of insurance automatically generated at renewal?

Yes, a general FYI COI is generated at the time of renewal issuance. 

Are all prior Certificates also generated?

No, only the FYI COI is generated at renewal issuance.

Are Additional Insured’s automatically transferred to the renewal?

No, any additional insured’s needed will need to be re-requested at renewal after the renewal has processed.