Billing Options

Monthly or Annual billing

Our customers can purchase their insurance policy in one annual payment or billed each month.


Transaction Fee 

Coterie will charge a $5 nonrefundable fee for each new transaction in our system (any time a payment is made). This fee helps support our operating expenses and allow us to keep our pricing competitive. Please note that this fee will only apply to new policies – there will be no change to existing Coterie Insurance policies until renewal.  

Multiple policies

In rare cases, some policies may be issued individually by separate writing companies when there are separate coverages. In this case, each policy payment will be billed with a separate $5 transaction fee.

Multiple locations of one business

As Coterie does not currently offer multiple location policies, each policy for each location will require a $5 transaction fee.

Monthly Billing 

  • If you choose monthly, then we set up a recurring payment on the same date each month as the policy effective date (e.g. 4/30/22 effective date would draw on the 30th of each month). 
  • There will be 12 payments in total. 
  • If you need to update your payment method at any time, please call us at 855-566-1011. 
  • Monthly transactions will be charged a $5 transaction fee each month per policy (monthly -> 12 transactions * $5 = +$60/year).   

Annual Billing 

  • If you choose annual payment, then we will charge the payment on the policy effective date.
  • When paying annually, a one time $5 per policy transaction fee will be charged along with the total policy premium.

What forms of payments does Coterie accept? 

We currently accept all major debit or credit cards (no prepaid credit cards or gift cards) as  payment. The card used at the time of binding the policy is the card that will automatically be charged. 

You can update your method of payment at any time by calling us at (855)-566-1011, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm Eastern time. Email us any further payment questions (like requests for receipts) at